Home Insurance - Glossary

Accidental damage

Damage caused unintentionally by external means. Accidental damage is in addition to buildings and contents insurance when you take out house insurance. If you have breakable items or children in your home, it is worth considering accidental damage. Always look at the small print in your contents insurance policy as some will include a few items for accidental damage protection as standard.


When you take out building insurance as part of your house insurance, 'buildings' includes your property, its fixtures and fittings, any outbuildings and any outdoor facilities such as swimming pools.


The contents of your house which you wish to take insurance cover on – these can include for example, furniture, computer equipment and clothing.


This is the amount that you pay towards any claim you make. Sometimes it is a false economy to make a claim if it affects your no claim discount.

High risk items limit

One to watch, this is the maximum cover for an individual item. Some insurers' limit is just £1,000 – which might not be enough if you've got a lot of computer equipment.


This indicates you and your family who permanently live with you. Visiting relatives, guests etc. are not covered by your house insurance.


Your insurer is the company you have selected to provide you with house insurance.

New for old

This means if you made a claim on your contents, the value would be at today's prices, and not valued at a second hand rate, although there are exclusions such as clothing, which can be deducted for wear and tear. You should check your policy for details.

No claims discount

If you do not make any claims on your house insurance over the years than you receive a discount from your premium. Every year, if you do not make a claim than this discount increases.


A policy is the agreement between the insurer and the insured. It will detail the amount and cover you have agreed for your house insurance, subject to terms and conditions.


A premium is the amount you pay to insure your property and its contents for the period of insurance selected.

Personal liability

This provides cover if an incident occurs which means you are responsible for causing damage to property or the death, illness or injury to any person.

Standard cover

Standard cover in your house insurance generally includes theft, water or fire damage, storm or earthquake damage, falling trees, subsidence, or malicious damage. You should check the terms, conditions and exclusions to make sure you are aware of what exactly your house insurance cover includes.


Subsidence is damage to a building when it gradually sinks to a lower level.

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