Mortgage Payment Protection

Why should you take out Mortgage Payment Protection?

• Many people believe that they will receive state help with their mortgage repayments in the event of losing their job.

• No state benefit is available for the first 9 months of unemployment (if their mortgage was arranged since October 1995) or if they have more than £8000 in savings then no assistance will be given on the capital element of the repayments.

T&R Direct can offer you a Mortgage Payment Protection policy on a monthly premium basis start from as little as £2.75 per £100 for full ASU benefit.

A variation of cover are as following:

• Multi Insurance quotes available

• There is a back to day one option

• 30 Day deferred option

• 60 Day deferred option

• Full Accident, Sickness & Redundancy cover is available

• Redundancy cover in isolation is also available

• Our insurers also provide back to work assistance and a medical helpline

• Up to 50% additional cover available


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